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Trailer Unit Govi Arktik 2000P

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3142.92 (excl. VAT)
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Trailer refrigeration /
Trailer Refrigeration:

Type GV-20000P / GV2000P
Space cooling without heating.
Trailer / great room:
up 10 m³ at -20°C / 12 m³ at -18°C / 18m³ at 10°C
From -20 to + 10 ° C
Power supply:
230V / 50Hz
Current consumption:
6,5 (-20°c) / 7 (+2°c) / 7,5(+10°c) amp
Consumption LRA:
32 amp
Elektice 1090 W
Cooling capacity:
1500 W at -20°C 2100W at +2°C 2800W at +10°C
Refrigerant Quantity:
1170 grams
Airflow evaporator
1100 m³ / h
+40 ° C
Total weight:
63 kg
Width outdoor unit:
880 mm (incl.220V connection 956mm)
Height outdoor unit:
400 mm
Depth outdoor unit:
392 mm
Width inside evaporator:
422 mm
Height inside evaporator:
302mm high anticipation in loading 263,5mm
Depth inside evaporator:
depth from front / outside inwards 576mm (incl.doorvoer)
Hole for mounting:
425mm wide x 305mm high
Govi unit Colour: Ral 9010
Starting with an insulation values at a cooling K factor cooling panels / conversion 0.32 W / m ° C,
Govi Stationary Trailer Refrigeration Unit
Arktik2000P Govi ??
Cool trailer unit GV-2000P

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Govi Stationary Trailer Refrigeration Unit
Plug-cooling unit / cooling Monobloc
Refrigerated Trailer / Trailer Cooling
Monobloc unit / Monoblock type 220V
The user-friendly refrigeration unit for rental.
The right unit for refrigerated trailers
Cool Trailer 2000P unit

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