Customer Service

Shipping and delivery

The delivery of the parcels is outsourced to professional parcel services. They take care of the transport of the parts in a correct manner.

Hattink Thermo Parts / Hattink Maritiem is responsible for the correct packaging and protection of the packages. We use pelaspan filling material for our packages. These are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

Standard shipping: Orders are processed the same day until 4:00 PM and offered to one of our carriers. The best shipping option is chosen based on weight or size. (provided the items are in stock and the payment option has been met, otherwise we will contact you)

For special locations or dimensions, you can request the shipping rate before ordering. You can do this by ordering the desired items and choosing request proforma and request proforma send.

Average delivery times in working days:DPD /UPS /Select Courier

AT Austria 1-3 days
BE Belgium 2-4 days
BG Bulgaria 5-5 days
CY Cyprus 4-5 days
CZ Czech Republic 3-4 days
DE Germany 1-3 days
DK Denmark 2-4 days
EE Estonia 3-5 days
GR Greece 6-8 days
ES Spain 3-4 days
FI Finland 3-5 days
FR France 2-4 days
HR Croatia 5-6 days
HU Hungary 3-5 days
IE Ireland 3-4 days
IT Italy 3-4 days
LT Lithuania 4-6 days
LU Luxembourg 1-3 days
LV Latvia 1-3 days
MT Malta 2-4 days
NL Netherlands 1-3 days
PL Poland 2-4 days
PT Portugal 4-6 days
SE Sweden 3-5 days
SK Slovakia 3-5 days
XI Northern Ireland 4-5 days

If you want to order something from a country outside the EU
and you want to know the shipping price. Put the item you want to buy in the shopping cart and fill in all the details such as address, telephone number and email address. Then click to checkout and choose Option 6 when shipping and Option 12 when paying.
We will then provide you with a quote/proforma invoice where you can see all costs and door-to-door delivery. (only the import costs not of your country) If you have approved the Quotation/Proforma, you can make the payment. If you do not agree, please email us and we will cancel the order.

Pick up

Have you chosen to pick up in Katwijk to Cuijk call yourself what time it is ready or you will receive an email or tel.hiervan. For export without VAT, we are required to have a signed transport statement (we will create a document for that), including a copy of your driver's license.

If you have questions regarding your order / package you can contact us.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 - 16:00 hours  
Saturday: by appointment

On public holidays we have adjusted opening hours and when carriers have been there, we are closed afterwards.
So always call to see if we are there!


In the Netherlands a company or individual always pays tax on our goods. On these rests the rate of 21% VAT.

For companies:

Companies in the EU (excluding the Netherlands) are exempt if you have a valid VAT/VAT nr. Your address must match the VAT number which is linked by law. This is checked by us at the European Commission.Changes or adjustments after payment concerns ascription on invoice or a VAT number can be made with a deduction of € 15,-  administration costs. (or €15 will be charged).
If the adjustment is made after a booking period (for tax purposes), this can only be done for €50.excl.Vat

Prices: The prices for the items only apply to stock items in the event of backorders, because you order more if there is stock, an additional price may apply or the increase in price concerns the cost price.
You can always cancel the extra items in writing within 12 hours after the order.

The webshop is equipped with a secure payment system. With this system we can deliver even faster. Possibilities for payment are among others:

- Credit card: Visa, Mastercard
- PayPal
- On account (only under SEPA direct debit)

It is only possible to buy on account by means of a direct debit authorisation which we collect after 20 days. 
(According to the SEPA payment system)

Provided the following has been met:

If there is a one-time deposit amount to the limit to which they want to go per order. This amount can always be claimed back or settled with the last order.


- After two orders have preceded that have been paid;
- That there is a net annual turnover of at least € 1000, - excluding purchased;
- That a direct debit authorization is filled in with IBAN and BIC No. and we have received it back.  


Information regarding privacy and data processing can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Return and reflection

If you want to return or exchange your item(s), you must request a return order by mail. A return order can be requested via the form below. When we agree, you can return your item(s). Without return order these shipments will be refused. For a return of packages always first contact one of our employees, so we can send you a return number which you must mention on the form of the return. 

When cancelling the order after payment we are forced to charge the possible payment and administration costs (€15,-excl.).

Upon approval of a return of ordered items or backorders, there will be a minimum of € 15,-excl. administration costs charged and there will also be a percentage charge as indicated below:

 10% fee (within 7 working days return) of net price will be deducted, paid or credit note.

 15% fee (within 14 working days return) of the net price will be deducted, paid or credit note.

 25% fee (after 14 days to 20 days return) of net price will be deducted, paid or credit note.

Items not eligible for exchange or refund:
 - Consumable items such as refrigerant, kit, Dryer/Filters, Shaft seals, Refrigerant oil.
 - Items that are used, damaged or incomplete;
 - Electrical components/parts such as circuit boards, thermostats, control boxes, sensors, switches, etc.;
 - Items specially ordered/assembled for you.

 - No warranty on shaft seals and dryer/filter both for original and compatible parts;
 - Items must be returned to us insured;
 - It is important that the product is complete, unused and in the original and undamaged packaging;
 - Unstamped postal items will not be accepted;
 - You pay the shipping and payment costs of the webshop, these will not be refunded or credited.

File: Request for return shipment

File: Return Shipment (By Package)

Customer Service / Complaints

Wherever work is done, mistakes are sometimes made. If, after all the precision, it still happens that you are missing something from an order or you have a question, complaint or incompleteness regarding your order, please contact us.

Telephone: +31 (0) 412 - 65 14 83