About Hattink Handelsgroep (Hattink Thermo Parts) (Hattink Maritiem) (HM-YachtRental)

Hattink Heesch started in 1991 in Heesch as a trading company specialized in refrigeration equipment and spare parts. In 1995 we expanded our company and moved to Oss to a rental building (250m³) at Romansweg 88, with a workshop.
Due to the large growth in customers for the workshop and the sale of parts, we quickly started looking for a new location. In 1998 we noticed a property (3200m³) at IJsselstraat 35 in Oss, which we converted into three workplaces for Transport Refrigeration repair and service. In 2005 we built a new hall (240m³), to add a new branch to our company with what had been our hobby for years, water sports. We started selling polyester yachts and parts and materials in water sports and shipping.
When we were able to take over a steel yacht rental company in 2018 and there was the opportunity to move to a larger location again, we expanded the activities of the Yacht Yard of Gebr. Vissers in Katwijk N.B. (in Cuijk) and was able to continue the rental in 2018. And with a good arrangement, this concerns the purchase of property and plots (5087m³).
From March 2020 we moved again to a larger location on the water in Katwijk N.B. (in Cuijk).
So now three different business groups at the same address with the existing telephone numbers from our old location.

Hattink Thermo Parts Tel. +31 (0)412-651483

Hattink Maritiem  Tel. +31 (0) 412-642434

HM Yachttrental  Tel. +31 (0) 485-320168

We now have two web shops in one, as we also supply to two sectors that both use our parts, the shipping and transport sectors. Our largest customers are customers, owners and workshops of refrigerated ships and shipyards and transport companies and workshops in transport refrigeration and refrigeration technology and car garages for air conditioning supplies.
We offer the brands we carry at good prices and from our own stock, or stock from our supplier and manufacturer. Parts for your refrigeration units from Thermo-king, Carrier, Govi, Bock, Frigo soft, Yanmar, Kubota, Isuzu, Spal, Webasto, Valeo, Autoclima.
For shipping and pleasure boating Yanmar, Kubota, Isuzu, Spal. Vetus, Volvo Penta, Gebo, Jabsco, Hella, Plastimo Talamex, Allpa
Hattink Handelsgroep continues to grow through its own purchasing and channels at home and abroad, you benefit from this by receiving discounts. Log in for your personal login code in the top right corner.