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Spal Ø225mm/Ø9" Fan/Blower 24V Suction VA07-BP7/C-31A 24V

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Bracket for Spal Fan 4mm high

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On stock : 12 piece(s)
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2.70 (excl. VAT)
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2.57 (excl. VAT)3.11 (incl. VAT)

Support for Spal Fan 9mm high

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On stock : 32 piece(s)
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2.97 (excl. VAT)
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2.82 (excl. VAT)3.41 (incl. VAT)

Support Spal Fan 4mm high + mounting Strip 194mm

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On stock : 24 piece(s)
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4.44 (excl. VAT)
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4.22 (excl. VAT)5.10 (incl. VAT)

Support Spal Fan 9mm high + mounting Strip 194mm

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On stock : 21 piece(s)
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4.00 (excl. VAT)
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3.80 (excl. VAT)4.60 (incl. VAT)

Connector Blue Crimp Seal 2,5 qmm

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1.13 (excl. VAT)
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1.08 (excl. VAT)1.30 (incl. VAT)

Connector Yellow Crimp Seal 4 qmm

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1.10 (excl. VAT)
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1.04 (excl. VAT)1.26 (incl. VAT)

Spal Mounting Nail S.S 180mm with clamp and rubber ring.

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On stock : 10 piece(s)
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3.94 (excl. VAT)
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3.74 (excl. VAT)4.53 (incl. VAT)

Set 8x Spal Mounting Nail 180mm with clamp and rubber ring.

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30.63 (excl. VAT)
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29.10 (excl. VAT)35.21 (incl. VAT)
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67.93 (excl. VAT)
82.19 (incl. VAT)
On stock : 2 piece(s)
Spal Condenser Fan/Blower

Axial motor fan Carrier Sutrak Bus
Proof tension 26V
Electric consumption (A) 3,7 A
Air flow (m3/h) 1070 m³/h
Voltage 24V
Type Fan Suction
Thickness 51 mm
Manufacturer code VA07-BP7/C-31A
Spal productor Code 3010.0344
Duct Diameter 246 mm
Konvekta Nummer: 11-002-244
Iveco 500327175

OE no. VA07-BP7/C-31A / 62080186A
SP30100344 / 160906 / 282101009 / 412087
412665 / 500327175 / 594771 / 60122 / 781182

OE 8880500049

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Description on Article:
Logo Spal
VA07-BP7/C-31A 24V
E1 10 R-04 7320
Made in Italy
Netto 1009 gram

Technical specifications:

Spal type comparison:
Spal Type VA07.pdf

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Spal Blower / Blower Spal / SpalBlower
BlowerSpal / Spal Blower 24V / Blower Spal 24V
SpalBlower24V / BlowerSpal24V / SpalBlower 24V
BlowerSpal 24V / Spal Blower24V / Blower Spal24V
24V Spal Blower / 24V Blower Spal / 24VSpalBlower
24VBlowerSpal / 24VSpal Blower / 24VBlower Spal
24V SpalBlower / 24V BlowerSpal / Spal 24V Blower
Blower 24V Spal / Spal24VBlower / Blower24VSpal
Spal24V Blower / Blower24V Spal / Spal 24VBlower
Blower 24VSpal / Spal Fan / Fan Spal / SpalFan
FanSpal / Spal Fan 24V / Fan Spal 24V / SpalFan24V
FanSpal24V / SpalFan 24V / FanSpal 24V / Spal Fan24V
Fan Spal24V / 24V Spal Fan / 24V Fan Spal / 24VSpalFan
24VFanSpal / 24VSpal Fan / 24VFan Spal / 24V SpalFan
24V FanSpal / Spal 24V Fan / Fan 24V Spal / Spal24VFan
Fan24VSpal / Spal24V Fan / Fan24V Spal / Spal 24VFan
Fan 24VSpal / FanBlower / BlowerFan / Fan Blower Spal
Blower Fan Spal / Fan Blower Spal 24V / Blower Fan Spal 24V
Spal Fan Blower / Spal Blower Fan / Spal Blower Fan 24V
Spal Fan Blower 24V / Spal Fan Blower24V / Spal Blower Fan24V
Blower Fan Spal24V / Fan Blower Spal24V

Ventiliatorius VA07-BP7/C-31A spal Ventilators spal VA07-BP7/C-31A
VA07-BP7/C-31A Vifte spal wentylator spal/ventilador spal
Ventilátor spal/tagahanga Ø225mm spal/fläkt spal
Ventilator Spal/ventilatoretifoz Spal Ø225mm/azarkes Spal
Tuuletin Spal/ventilátor Spal/penggemar spal
Ventilador Spal/fano Spal /ventilaator Spal
Ventilators spal Ø225mm/ventiliatorius spal
SP 30100344
AC3010.0344/AC 3010.0344/AC-30100344
AC30100344/AC 30100344
AC-3031530009/AC3031530009/AC 3031530009

Ventola Spal, ventola Spal 24V
ventola di raffreddamento SPAL 24V
ventola di ventilazione spal 24 Volt
Ventilador Spal, Ventilador Spal 24V
ventilador de refrigeración SPAL 24V
ventilador de ventilación spal 24 voltios
Ventilateur Spal, Ventilateur Spal 24V
ventilateur de refroidissement SPAL 24V
ventilateur de ventilation spal 24 volts
Wentylator Spal, wentylator 24V Spal
wentylator chlodzacy SPAL 24V
wentylator wentylacyjny spal 24 Volt
Spal fan, 24V Spal fan
chladicí ventilátor SPAL 24V
vetrací ventilátor spal 24 Volt
Ventilator spal, ventilator spal 24V
ventilator de racire SPAL 24V
ventilator spal 24 Volt



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