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Blower 24 Volt Spal Ø225mm/Ø9" Blowing VA07-BP7/C-31S 24V

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Bracket for Spal Fan 4mm high

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On stock : 12 piece(s)
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2.70 (excl. VAT)
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2.57 (excl. VAT)3.11 (incl. VAT)

Support for Spal Fan 9mm high

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On stock : 32 piece(s)
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2.97 (excl. VAT)
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2.82 (excl. VAT)3.41 (incl. VAT)

Support Spal Fan 4mm high + mounting Strip 194mm

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On stock : 24 piece(s)
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4.44 (excl. VAT)
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4.22 (excl. VAT)5.10 (incl. VAT)

Support Spal Fan 9mm high + mounting Strip 194mm

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Blower 24V Spal
Axial motor fan Carrier Sutrak Bus
Ø 225 mm Blowing VA07-BP7/C31S
Proof tension 26V
Electric consumption (A) 4,1 A
Air flow (m3/h) 1180 m³/h
Voltage 24V
Type Fan Blowing
Thickness 51 mm
Manufacturer code VA07BP7/C-31S
Spal productor Code 3010.0345 / VA07BP7/C31S
Duct Diameter 246 mm


OE 8880500050

Description on Article:
Logo Spal
e1 03 2757
E1 10 R-04 7320
Net 1010 gram
Made in Italy

Carrier-Sutrak Blower
OE: 282101007 / 60141 / 781184 / 160588 / 16058
VA07-BP7/C-31S / 62080188A
VA07 BP7/C 31S

Technical specifications:

Spal type vergelijking:
Spal type VA07.pdf

Foreign names for this article:

Vifte spal/wentylator spal/ventilador spal
tagahanga spal/fläkt spa/Ventilátor spal
Ventilator Spal/ventilatoretifoz Spal/azarkes Spal
fano Spal /ventilaator Spal/Ventilador Spal
Tuuletin Spal/ventilátor Spal/penggemar spal
Ventilators spal/ventiliatorius spal

Examples and descriptions
for this Spal part:

ventilators spal VA11-AP7/C-57A /ventiliatorius spal
Fan Spal/ventilatoretifoz Spal/azarkes Spal
ventilador Spal VA11-AP7/C-57A /fano Spal VA11-AP7/C-57A/ventilaator Spal
tuuletin Spal/ventilátor Spal/penggemar spal
SPAL Axial-fläkt VA11-AP7/C-57A / Blåsande
ventilators spal VA11-AP7/C-57A/ventiliatorius spal
vifte spal/wentylator spal/ventilador spal
ventilátor spal VA11-AP7/C-57A/tagahanga spal/fläkt spal
Spal Axialfläktar VA11-AP7/C-57A Sugande 12v

Hattink Thermo Parts
cooling fan splints
fans Autocros / racing / road race
road racing and rally fan VA11-AP7/C-57A / fans Spal brand
fan for cooling Condenser and Radiator
extra cooling fan / blower of the brand spal

Order AC30315022 VA11-AP7/C-57A axial fan / fan
orginaal / Orginal / original / splints axial blower fan
12 volt / vold powered blower, fan, fan
fans for livestock transport, tranport for live animals
12Volt Fans for car, bus, boat, ship, cruiser, camper air, s / air conditioners
heatsink for extra cooling splints blower / fan
universal 12V fans about to apply
axial fans, blowe 12 volt dc motor, 12V dc VA11-AP7/C-57A motor-fan
miscellaneous different ranges of splints for additional cooling, splints fans

truck, crane, graavmachine, atlas, tractor deutz, steyr truck, john deere
best price and prices for 12 Vold VA11-AP7/C-57A/ volt fans Axial
the Brands Alfa / F, Mercedes / Iveco, Renault fiat air, oil cooler, air conditioning
also for Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Volvo oil cooler, air conditioning, oil coolers
Hattink Importer Spal Netherlands

Hattink Importer Spal Netherlands
Cooling fan VA11-AP7/C-57A / radiator fan / blower VA11-AP7/C-57A
Hattink conditioning parts
Radiator Cooling Fan for trucks
universal 12V Fan also for coaches
Cooling / Fans / Blowers Condenser / radiator
Hattink conditioning parts / components

spal cooling fans / fans tuning for more horsepower
agriculture industry fan / fans and tractors
VA11-AP7/C-57A for refrigerated air to it on
temperature gain and tebehouden
motorfan VA11-AP7/C-57A the brand Spal for cooling and heating

Motorfan Spal the brand for heating and cooling fans
Spal Fan Motor / Ring Fan / Blowers 24V
Fan for AC and cooling / Race and rally fans 24 Volt
Radiator fan 24Volt / Motor ventilation from Spal 24 V
Fans 24 VDC for animal transport / Spal Gebläs 24VDC
Fans Blowers Spal for caravan, camper boat
vintage cars, agricultural vehicles and oil coolers
AC VA07-BP7/C-31S
AC 3010.0345
AC 3010.0345
OE 160588/AC.160588



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