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started a free trading-company specialized in refrigeration equipment and spare parts in 1991 and we are now located in Katwijk (NB Netherlands). Since 2005, we also sell parts from our webshop. For more information about Hattink Heesch / Hattink Thermo Parts click above on "About us".

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GV-1600N Can be ordered from current orders.



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Hattink Thermo Parts is your specialist in the field of parts for Transport cooling units and Airco. Such as: V-belts, filters, clutches, air pumps, compressors, sheet metal, compressor/engine parts. For among others the following brands:

Thermo King*;
Diavia* / Webasto*.
Our specialisation is the sale of: compatible parts for Thermo King* and Carrier*, called the HP line or Hattink Parts and the HC line; Hattink Carrier. 


Sale of

Transport cooling parts Original, Compatible and Used from the following brands:      

Thermo King*;      
Carrier Transicold*;      
Transport Refrigeration Courses      
Transport Refrigeration Tools      
Air conditioning parts for Car and Truck from:      
Spal* fans;      
Fresco* Parking Coolers    
Refrigerant gases    
New for 2017    
Storage Heaters/Air Heater    
Car/boat/truck heater    
From 2Kw to 5Kw 


Info concerns: Spal Ventilator/Blower

We are an importer for the Netherlands and we also export to more than 30 countries. Due to our own stock, we can deliver quickly with competitive prices. Your right supplier for this product.

Spal is the brand of the Italian manufacturer Spal. This brand has focused especially on DC Blowers and Fans. Both with a whole line of 12Volt DC Spal fans and 24Volt DC Fans. These are made in various sizes with different capacities and capacities, so that they can also be used for many purposes. These fans are maintenance-free. These have an average lifespan of between 5000 and 20,000 operating hours. This varies on what type of Spal Fan and diameter. The fans are used for various purposes and applications such as evaporator fan for a truck or car air conditioner. Condenser fan also from a Car or Truck Airco/Parking cooling. These Spal Fans are also often used in Transport refrigeration for cooling radiators of Cars, Campers, Agricultural vehicles, Concrete mixers, Forklifts, Yachts, Ships, Dakar trucks and for Tuning of Rally and Cross cars / cars etc. Because of the narrow installation sizes and choice With these DC blowers and fans, Spal is the largest manufacturer and the best choice for you in various sizes and air displacement/capacity.

We are a free trading company and not an official Thermo-King / Carrier dealer. * Thermo-King, Carrier, Kubota, Yanmar, Isuzu, HAWA SUNG THERMO, Salpa, Fresco, Govi, Laver, Carlisle, Mitsubishi, Autoclima, Ventilators Spal, Gasco, Daf, Spal ventilator, Man, Fiat, Mercedes, Ford, Iveco , Renault, Scania, Volkswagen, Diavia, Webasto, Spal Ventilator and Volvo Penta are registered trade names.