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Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 1001 Extra SAE 10W/40 Inh. 4L

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Lubricating Oil / Oil for Cooling Engines
Yanmar / Kubota / Izusu
and for boats and yachts
A perfect working area for
Temperatures from -15 / to +40 degrees

1001 Extra SAE 10W / 40
Engine oil
Semi Synthetic
4L OK 1001 Extra SAE 10W / 40 is a
semi-synthetic motor oil of the highest
quality that meets the requirements set by the important
car manufacturers.
By using modern additives
become the right properties

Application OK 1001 Extra SAE 10W / 40 is suitable
found for all types
from the new generation of gasoline and diesel engines
of passenger cars and vans.

reduces fuel consumption
protects the engine as much as possible against
oxidation, wear, rust and sludge
under the most varied operating conditions
extends the life of the catalyst
protects immediately against cold starts and ensures
quick warm up of the engine
a high and stable viscosity
Average analysis figures:
SAE 10W / 40
Density 15 ° C kg / l 0.899
Viscosity -25ºC mPa.s 3710
Viscosity 40 ° C mm² / 2 101.60
Viscosity 100 ºC mm² / s 14.80
Viscosity index 152
Flash point C.O.C. ° C 224
Pour point ºC -36
Total Base Number mgKOH / g 10.2
Sulfate ash% wt 1.29

ACEA A3 / B4
Meets the requirements of:
VW 502.00 and 505
MB 229.1

4 liters



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