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Oil Filter Baldwin B1421 Acura/hONDA

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Baldwin Oil Filter B1421

Anti-Drainback Valve
14 PSID By-Pass Valve

ModelLube Spin-on
Bout refM20 mm
winding pitch1,5x/mm
Outside diameter77,0mm
Outside diameter3 1/32 inch
Length3 7/16 inch

Description on Article:
Baldwin filter

DOOSAN 22226351
HONDA 15400-P0H-305
HONDA 15400-PR3-406
HONDA 15400-PT7-005
HONDA 15400-PT7-006
YANMAR 129150-35151

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Names and unit codes:

15400/PT7-006 15400_POH-305 CF461 15400/PT7-005 15400-PT7006 LF461F 15400-P0H-305 1 15400/PR3-406 1 15400-P0H-305 15400.PR3406 CASITE 22226351 15400.P0H305 15400-PT7.005 CF402 15400_PT7-005 2FAP3 15400/PR3.406 3 15400P0H.305 129150/35151 15400\PT7-005 LF461 2LAB3 15400/PT7.005 15400-PT7-006 M\67 15400PR3.406 15400PT7006 15400.PT7.005 15400_PR3-406 HONDA LF461F HONDA 15400\P0H305 15400_PT7.005 15400_PT7-006 15400PT7005 15400\POH.305 15400_PT7.006 129150\35151 15400\PR3-406 15400\PR3.406 2 15400\PT7.005 15400\PT7.006 15400_POH305 15400_PT7006 15400.PT7-005 1 CF402 15400_P0H305 129150.35151 15400/POH305 15400\POH-305 15400-PR3-406 15400PR3-406 15400-POH.305 15400-PR3.406 15400-PT7-005 M_67 M-67 15400_P0H-305 15400/POH.305 S_51 15400.PR3.406 2 S51 15400\P0H.305 15400\P0H-305 SHELL 15400-POH-305 15400\PT7-006 15400_PR3406 LF461 15400_PR3.406 HARPER INDUSTRIES GRAINGER HONDA S-51 DOOSAN 15400P0H305 15400PT7.005 15400\PR3406 15400.POH.305 CF461 15400/PT7005 15400/POH-305 15400.PT7006 S.51 FEDERATED 2LAB3 CASITE 129150-35151 HONDA S-51 M/67 1 BRANSON 1 15400.PT7-006 3 15400_P0H.305 15400-P0H305 15400.P0H-305 15400.POH-305 15400/PR3406 15400POH305 2FAP3 YN148 YN148 HASTINGS PREMIUM FILTERS M-67 15400-POH-305 15400-PR3-406 15400-PT7.006 15400/P0H-305 S\51 AMSOIL 15400PT7.006 15400-PT7-006 15400-P0H.305 22226351 15400.POH305 GRAINGER 15400\PT7005 15400/P0H.305 2 15400\PT7006 15400PR3406 15400P0H-305 3 ATLAS 1 1 15400POH-305 12915035151 15400.PR3-406 M.67 129150-35151 3 1 3 15400-PT7005 15400/PT7.006 S/51 1 15400.PT7005 15400\POH305 YANMAR 15400POH.305 1 22226351 15400/P0H305 15400-PR3406 15400_POH.305 15400-POH305 22226351 SDF20 15400.PT7.006 820220 15400PT7-005 15400/PT7006 INGERSOLL-RAND 15400-PT7-005 15400_PT7005 M67 15400PT7-006 HONDA 129150_35151 15400.P0H.305 SDF20 820220 1


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