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Grease O-ring Molykote 111 100gram

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O-ring grease Molykote 111 Art. Nr. 1673840 This fat has a clear color
For use on O-rings and gaskets
for a longer service life and better seal
and gaskets let go better after disassembly after a long time.
(-40ºC to 200ºC)

Lubricant and sealant for valves
Lubricant for control and pressure valves, water softener and faucets
x Seal for vacuum and pressure systems
x Seal for outdoor equipment (also on board ships) that is exposed
to water and harsh weather conditions: meters, service door for electrical maintenance
and underground connections
x Damping medium for dampers in electrical and electronic equipment
x Chemical barrier-forming coating
x Used as an anti-adhesive and sealant for transformer gaskets
and equipment housing. It prevents the gasket from sticking to the metal and is resisting
water resistant x Rubber and plastic O-rings, gaskets and seals.
Writers of specifications: These values ​​are not intended for use with the
preparation of specifications. Please contact your local
first sales representative of Dow Corning, before selecting
the specifications for this product writes
Standard * Parameter Unit Value
Physical nature Rigid compound
Color White to light gray,
ISO 2137 Penetration, unprocessed mm / 10 170 to 230
ISO 2137 Penetration, machined 60, max. Mm / 10 260
CTM 0033A Bleeding 24 hours / 200ºC (392ºF), max% 0.5 CTM 0033A Evaporation 24 hours / 200ºC (392ºF), max% 2.0
 Melting point ° C None
° F None
* CTM: Corporate Test Method, copies of the CTMs are available upon request
ISO: International Standardization Organization
How to apply
M O L Y K O T E ® 1 1 1
compound can be applied
by hand, with specially designed
automatic equipment, with a
brush or cloth. Certain
lubricating guns can block; testing before use.
A thinner consistency can be
achieved with solvents such as
xylene, mineral spirits and
methyl ethyl ketone
MOLYKOTE 111 compound can then be
applied by brushing,
submerge or spray
compound may not be
applied to surfaces that are still
painted or finished
to become. Such coatings adhere
possibly not on the silicone
machined surface. If the surface
contaminated with silicones there are
different ways to fix this
unloading: washing up or wiping with
solvent, wash with

Oring Molykote From Dow Corning
111 Compound
Made in the USA
132 grams net



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