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Customer service


Shipping and delivery
Customer Service / Complaints


Shipping and delivery

Our package delivery is outsourced to several parcel services. These companies take care of the transport of the parts in the proper way. Hattink Thermo Parts is responsible for the correct packaging and protection of the packages.

The orders of Saturday and Sunday will be sent on Monday.
If you have any questions concerning your order/package, please contact us. 

Opening Hours:

Monday / Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 17:30 p.m.
Saturday: by appointment



In the Netherlands, a company or individual is always paid tax on our goods , this rests the rate of 21 % VAT .

For companies:
From Europa That belongs to European Commission for VAT identification numbers. (intra-Community supply)

this lapse if you have a valid Tax / Vat No. , if you still not paid tax arrears for delivery of the goods .

You also need the correct address with tax / VAT No. which is linked by law .

And this is controlled by us , at the European Commission site.

When you have chosen for : Payment in advance (by bank) our you have receive a the Proforma Invoice.You can pay on these bank details.


Beneficiary name : Hattink Thermo Parts

Aderess: IJsselstraat  35

Post Code: 5347kg

Place: Oss

Bank name: ING Bank
Place: Amsterdam

IBAN/Account nr.: NL24INGB0000704875


When you pay outside the EU (SEPA countries) you must choose
for payment cost "our cost". That means that you pay for all the payment cost.

These are the charging cost of the bank. When not, we don't can ship it.


We can also make on request a Webshop payment order.

That you can Pay with PayPal our credit card than we can ship it today.


The shop is equipped with a secure payment system . With this system we can deliver even faster. Options for payment include


- Credit Cards
- Visa

- Mastercard

- PayPal

- Cash - When you choose shipping under Renmours COD rather pay the postman
- Invoice ( only under SEPA direct debit )

  Regular customers can buy on credit approval by direct debit


( For existing customers old )

Within a few days you will receive your bill , this bill must be paid . Within the agreed time

whether such appointment is collected , such appointment in accordance with the direct debit authorization .


( For new customers )

It can be bought only on account through direct debit authorization after collecting 20 days .

If the following are done:

- After that there is a two orders are preceded and paid .

- That there is a net annual turnover of at least 1000 - was purchased .

- After a debit authorization is filled with IBAN and BIC , No .... return has been received ,
  if you achieve this turnover is automatically mailed this authorization ,

- ( Valid until July 2014 from the Netherlands and Germany ) ,

- ( After July 2014 all EU countries with the SEPA payment system )
  if you achieve this turnover is automatically mailed this authorization ,

- ( Valid until July 2014 from the Netherlands and Germany ) ,
- ( After July 2014 all EU countries with the SEPA payment system )

- There is a solution for foreign customers to buy on credit when they first deposit amount into the limit how far they want to go.
   This amount can always be claimed back or deducted from the last order.


Information about privacy and data processing can be found in our Privacy Policy


If you would like to return packages of goods, first contact one of our employees for a return order in writing; either by fax or mail contact. You can request a return order via the form below. When we agree with this, you can return your item. Without a return order these shipments will be refused. Always contact one of our employees first, so that we can send you a return number. You need to mention this return number on the form of the return.

By Hattink Thermo Parts you can exchange or return a article within 7 working days. We pay the money back on your bankaccount by provide with your complete bank details.

Please note:  that shipping costs will not be reimbursed back, send in return.

Which can only Hattink Heesch (Hattink Thermo Parts himself has given the carrier command for this.

We do not accept shipments back that contain our exchange-, electrical parts or crankshaft seals because we are not able to see if they are damaged. If approved, you will receive a return number. Without return number, these shipments will be refused.

There are costs attached to returns for companies and institutions.

In case of approval of the returned items by one of our employees, we charge the following costs. A minimum of 10,- euro administration costs are charged. Additional costs are charged percentage wise as stated below:

 10% cost (return within 7 days) of the net price from the order will be deducted, paid or credit note.

 15% cost (return within 14 days) of the net price from the order will be deducted, paid or credit note.

 25% cost (return after 14 days) of the net price from the order will be deducted, paid or credit note.

Articles which receive no consideration for exchange or restitution: 
 - Consumption products as refrigerant, kit, refrigerant oil;
 - Articles that are used, damaged or incomplete;
 - Electrical components/parts as printboards, thermostats, control cabinets, sensors, switches etc.;
 - Orders that are ordered especially for you and articles that are made especially for you.

Pay attention:
 - No guarantee on seals and driers/filters for both original and imitation;
 - The articles that you send back needs to be insured;
 - It is important that the product is complete, unused and that it is in the original and undamaged packaging;
 - Unstamped postal items will be not accepted;
 - You pay the mailing costs and the payment costs of the webshop, these will not be refund or creditted;
 - Without approval and return number from Hattink Thermo Parts no return.

File: Request return

File: Return

Customer Service / Complaints 

Unfortunately, anywhere that people work, mistakes are occasionally made. If, despite our best efforts for accuracy, there is still something missing from your order or if you have a question, complaint or incompleteness concerning your order, please contact us.

Phone: +31 (0) 412 - 65 14 83


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