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Compressor Zexel/Seltec TM15HS OR Horz.24V Ø132mm 2AG

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O-Ring G8 13/32" R134a Green (10x)

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On stock : 3 piece(s)
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5.71 (excl. VAT)
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5.43 (excl. VAT)6.56 (incl. VAT)

O-Ring G10 1/2" R134a Green (10x)

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On stock : 6 piece(s)
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5.71 (excl. VAT)
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5.43 (excl. VAT)6.56 (incl. VAT)

Oil R134a PAG46 (lt 0,25) ISO46 for A/C Syst. (33)

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11.25 (excl. VAT)
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10.69 (excl. VAT)12.93 (incl. VAT)

Oil Compressor 1L 06D/05K/05G (Poe 68) R134a/R404a

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On stock : 1 piece(s)
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AC-460005500 (1L)
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27.38 (excl. VAT)
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26.01 (excl. VAT)31.47 (incl. VAT)

Oil Fitting Tama/Zexel/Seltec 7/16"20UNF2A - M.8

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7.00 (excl. VAT)
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324.53 (excl. VAT)
392.68 (incl. VAT)
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`` Caution O-rings not supplied with
See photo's

Zexel / Tama / Valeo
Compressors 24V:
Description Air Compressor:
AC Compressor: TM15HS (TM15HD)
Connection: O-ring
Coupling type: 3-Eye
Voltage: 24V DC
Ø135 2xGroef A2
Connection: Vertical
Compressor info:
Capacity: 147cc
Refrigerant: (HS) R134A
Oil type: (HS) ZXL 100PG
Oil volume: 150 ml
Oil type of us see Photo
Connector Type: O-Ring
Suction coupling: (G10) 7/8 "14UNF
Clutch Press (G8) 3/4 "16UNF
Mounting: 4 mounting ears
with hole size Ø10,3
Heart size Hole / Hole 104mm
Cylinders: 6
Tightening torque bolts Compressor:
35N.m 93.5kgfm
Clutch / Cluts info:
Pulley with groove Ø 132mm
Voltage: 24V DC
Consumption: 45 Watts 1,88amp
Connection: 1x silk thread + / Body Mass is
Number of slots: 2 Type 2AG
Groove size: 12.7mm
Speed ??range: 700-6000 RPM

Description on Aircopomp:
HFC134a Model TM-15hs
Body No.Z0006347A
LUB.ZXL100PG 150 CM³
LEAK.TEST Hi / Lo: 2.9 / 1.5 MPaG
Made in Japan

According to the rules art.SAE-J639

Applications and Examples or
Names and product codes:
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Compressor Seltec TM15HS
Compressor Zexel TM15HS
Airco pump TM15HS
Airco pump Zexel TM15HS
Airco pump Seltec TM15HS
Aircompomp 24V TM15HS
Compressor 24V TM15HS
TM15 HS Compressor
Compressor Seltec TM15 HS
Compressor Zexel TM15 HS
Airco pump TM15 HS
Airco pump Zexel TM15 HS
Airco pump Seltec TM15 HS
Airco pump 24V TM15 HS
Compressor 24V TM15 HS
Pump Air / ACpomp / C compressor

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